Gasthof Zum Weißen Schwan

Gasthof Zum Weißen Schwan
Pfarrplatz 1
92670 Windischeschenbach

Tel: 09681/1230

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 5:00 pm
Sunday & holidays until 3:00 pm (basically a busy lunch time)
Closed Saturday

This is a fifth generation family business and a large one that includes not only the very busy restaurant but also a hotel and butcher shop. The restaurant, in particular, is quite busy and offers a much larger menu than the typical Zoigstube. So, if you’re looking for some relief from the admittedly amazing if somewhat limited Brotzeit meals, this is one of your best options. It’s especially popular with locals and tourists alike for Sunday lunches.  I had the Schwanenpfännchen, some prime pork pieces in a tasty sauce served with spätzle.

Zum Weißen Schwan Zoigl & tasty Schwanenpfännchen

They are members of the Echter Zoigl group so follow the protocols of producing Zoigl. While it may not have been my favorite Zoigl, it was nonetheless an authentic tasting one. Also, the restaurant does not have the same kind of atmosphere as a true Zoiglstube but it does have a much wider range of meals and is open six days a week, every week so if you are in town during the week and none of the Zoiglstube are open, this is a great place to fall back on.

Beer: Zum Weißen Schwan Zoigl

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