Drei Kronen (Scheßlitz) Bock

amber beer in mug
Drei Kronen Bock

Brewery: Drei Kronen
Color: deep
Head: off-white, ample

Nose: hint of raisin

Body: full
-bodied, medium carbonation
Palate: rich malt, fruity, dry, hoppy

Finish: long, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I hadn’t been to the Drei Kronen in over a dozen years but ran across their beer at a festival in Munich a couple years ago and vowed to go back. I was in the area to do a beer hike to another local brewery a few kilometers away and had to stop in even if for a quick one. It had been spruced up a bit but still felt like a local. I was happy to see their Bock was on tap and had to have one despite having a 15km hike ahead of me. It came out after a bit of a wait but obviously well-poured with a full head and little fizz. The aroma had some raisin but overall, it was a malty brew with ample hopping. It was an easy drinking beer but full of flavor. It was worth the wait and hope it doesn’t take me another dozen years to return again!

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