Klosterbrauerei greenMONKey

Green Monkey

Brewery: Klosterbrauerei Weissenhohe
Color: light golden

white, dense
slight citrus note
medium, low carbonation
fruity, dry, floral hops
Finish: dry finish
Served: on tap
at the brewery

Impression: Didn’t know what to make of this the first time around. Though the brewery produces a popular Pils, they brew this craft beer version of a Pils, too. Both are on tap at the brewery to make it more confusing. This one has a blend of organically German grown but typical of US hop varieties.  It’s also unfiltered or lightly so and has more of a nose than most Franconian beers. It’s fruity for a Pils but very dry at the same time. There’s a floral hop element but it’s not overpowering. It’s quite a tasty beer and think if you had it in a Krug, you might have an entirely different impression. All that said, I really liked it the first time and just had it recently and enjoyed it again.  Tip: finish rather than start your trek of the Fünf Seidla Steig here as they have the biggest varieties of beer and all are quite good.

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