Zoiglstube Luggerts Boozhaus

pub interior

Luggerts Zoiglstube
Bachstraße 12 – Boozhaus
95666 Mitterteich
Tel: 09633 919207

Opening hours:
Friday through Friday from 9:00
(check Zoigl calendar for schedule, about eight weeks a year)
They have a newly begun website but currently, it is merely in the works. Hopefully, there will be the pertinent information that many Zoiglstuben have started to provide. It would be nice if they provide some history of the family’s brewing tradtion, too.

Luggerts Zoigl, tasty homemade pretzel & meat plates

It’s a very traditional place. We walked up the street to see a tree hanging from outside the building and the Zoigl Star hanging in the courtyard. Inside, it’s like you’re in the brewer’s kitchen. We were in transit to my wife’s family in Saxony so only had time for one. I was glad I ordered a pretzel as it was obviously homemade and really good.  I finally got back with my Zoigl tour group in 2023 for an excellent meal and Zoigl!

Beer: Luggerts Zoigl

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