St. Georgenbräu Annafestbier

St. GeorgenBräu makes one of the better Annafestbiers with perhaps a bit more hops than the competition.

Neder Schwarze Anna

Schwarze Anna is perhaps the best beer at the Annafest and certainly the most different. It's a real black beauty.

Hölzlein Vollbier

Hölzlein Vollbier is a beer worth walking for and when you walk for a beer, you enjoy it more.

Not to be taken in jest: Annafest

The Annafest is one of Bavaria's best folk festivals, with rides and music, food and of course beer.

How to eat your carrots and drink your Zoigl, too.

Join us for a journey on foot, walking through the very heart of the Zoigl brewing region.

Schlenkerla (Heller) Kräusen

Schlenkerla's Kräusen is not just a less smoky summer beer, it's a great hoppy kellebier with a slight smokiness that makes it a yet another winner from this aclaimed Bamberg brewery.

Waldnaabtal Nature Reserve

The Waldnaabtal is a gorgeously lush nature reserve in the Oberpflaz, home to the Goldsteig and Zoigl.

A Brief History of Zoigl in Time

Zoigl may not have the longest tradition in the German brewing world but its nonetheless not only one of the most traditional but most interesting histories.

Hösl Abt Andreas Dunkel

Hösl Abt Andreas Dunkel is a fine beer, with a fruity dry palate and clean finish.

Beim Gloser

Beim Gloser is a true authentic Zoiglstube in Windischeschenbach, one of five Zoigl towns in Germany.