Weber-Bräu Landbier Dunkel

Weber Landbier Dunkel Brewery: Weber-Bräu Town: Röbersdorf Style: Landbier Color: amber Head: white, creamy Nose: slightly hoppy Body: medium,  low carbonation Palate: hoppy from the start with some malt backbone Finish: clean, bitter Served: from a bottle at the brewery Impression: Was happy to finally get a beer at this brewery as it was unexpectedly … Continue reading Weber-Bräu Landbier Dunkel

How to Rock Sambach

How to hike from brewery to brewery in Franconia. Great beer, food and scenery.

Hennemann Sommergold

Hennemann Sommergold is another winner from the Sambach brewery. Hoppy and dry, perfect for summer.

Hennemann Lagerbier

Hennemann Lagerbier Brewery: Hennemann Town: Sambach Style: Vollbier Color: amber Head: white, rocky Nose: malt with slight hops Body: full,  low carbonation Palate: great malt/hop mix Finish: long and dry Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: Wasn't sure what to expect but this beer was a true surprise and is a great example of … Continue reading Hennemann Lagerbier

Griebräu Maibock Hopfig Frisch

Griesbräu has not one but two Maibocks. This the craft beer version was on the money, rich and malty with some nice hops in the mix.

Griesbräu Maibock

Griesbräu has not one but two Maibocks. This the more traditional one was rich and malty with a somewhat lacking finish.

Ettaler Maibock

Ettaler Maibock may not live up to the standards of other Southern Bavarian Maibocks but it's an easy drinking bock in a style not always easy to find.

How to Walk around a Bavarian Brewing Monastery

While my preferred beer wandering is in Franconia, I do live in Munich and with so much great hiking south of town, it's where I tend to go on day trips. As you might imagine, there are breweries down there and while, for me, they are not generally on a par with my faves to … Continue reading How to Walk around a Bavarian Brewing Monastery

A Brief History of Beer in Time

Though this is far from and not meant to be an exhaustive history of my favorite beverage, I wanted to hone my knowledge of and put some order to it. You might want to save these (approximate) beer dates, too 100,000 BC: Humans add grains to their diet. 10,000 BC: Humans start to cultivate grains … Continue reading A Brief History of Beer in Time

May I have another Maibock in Aying?

Aying is a lovely small village south of Munich and home to the Ayinger Brewery. With an idyllic Biergarten and a great group of seasonal beers and food, it's a can't miss.