Schinner Braunbier

Though no longer brewing, this contract brewed dark beer is a winner nonetheless. Have one while in Bayreuth by all means.

Krug Lagerbier

Brewery: Krug Town: Geisfeld Style: Kellerbier Color: in krug so no visuals Head: fluffy white head protruding over krug Nose: malty with fair hopping in nose Body: medium-bodied, low carbonation Palate: dry and fruity, nicely balanced Finish: dry and bitter Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: Waited quite a while to get this beer. … Continue reading Krug Lagerbier

Hübner Goldener Bock

One of the most pleasantly surprising bock finds I've stumbled across, Hübner's bock is a dry fruity wonder.

Kitzmann Dunkles

Erlangen's big brewery is a surprising winner with great food and a large portfolio of well-crafted beer.

Mahrs Bräu Bock

Mahrsbräu makes one amazing bock and there's no better place to drink it then at their atmospheric brewpub in Bamberg.

Kraus Hirschentrunk

Kraus Hirschentrunk is a great introduction to Rauchbier with a light but definite smokiness to balance out the malty but dry palate.

How to get from brewery A to brewery B

Bavaria has over 400 breweries and getting to them is easy even with public transportation. This should help you find your way there.

How to train from brewery A to brewery B

Trains are a great option to get around Bavaria, especially when traveling to breweries. This should help you get on track.

How to bus from brewery A to brewery B

Sometimes there's no bus to a small village with a great brewery but there might be a bus. How to catch that bus right here.

How to drive from brewery A to brewery B

Driving in Bavaria is a great way to get to out of the way places and once out of big towns, is quite pleasant.