Schroll Landbier

Brewery: Schroll Town: Nankendorf Style: Landbier Color: amber Head: off white, dense bubbles Nose: malt Body: medium Palate: fruity, hint of roast Finish: slightly dry Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: Expectations play a part in a beer's perception.   I had very high ones for this brew in Nankendorf. It's not an easy … Continue reading Schroll Landbier

Penning Fränkisches Vollbier

Penning Fränkisches Vollbier Brewery: Penning Zeissler Town: Hetzelsdorf Style: Vollbier Color: amber Head: off white, ample rocky Nose: malt Body: medium, very low carbonation Palate: fruity, soft, dry Finish: long and dry Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: Quite possibly the most visually beautiful beer I've ever seen.  Massive head but such a soft … Continue reading Penning Fränkisches Vollbier

Leupser Dunkel

Brewery: Gradl Town: Leups Style: Vollbier Color: light brown Head: off white thinning Nose: malt Body: medium, low carbonation Palate: fruity, dry, hoppy Finish: dry, bitter Served: on gravity tap at the brewery Impression:  Gorgeous looking beer with thinning lasting head and low carbonation. Fruity palate with nice dry slightly bitter finish. My favorite beer … Continue reading Leupser Dunkel

The Bock Stops Here

Starkbierzeit is the lesser known of Munich's beer festivals and for that very reason, perhaps better. Translated literally as Strong Beer Time, it is indeed, the time when Munich's breweries produce their strongest beers of the year. These are the renowned Dopplebocks that while not truly double the strength of regular bocks, are nonetheless lethal, … Continue reading The Bock Stops Here

Beck 'n Bier Vollbier

Brewery: Herold Town: Büchencbach Style: Vollbier Color: light amber Head: off white, dense rocky head Nose: malt, slight chocolate Body: medium, low carbonation Palate: malty, hint of chocolate, dry Finish: long, slightly bitter, dry Served: on gravity dispense at the brewery Impression:  Love seeing beer being dispensed via gravity from barrels atop the bar. Have … Continue reading Beck 'n Bier Vollbier

How to Dismantle an Atomic Schwärzlabock

Finding an elusive beer is always a joy, sharing it with the one you love is what makes it something you never forget.

Grasser Vollbier

One of Franconia's brewing legends resides in Huppendorf.

Craft(ing) Beer Since 1556: Maisacher

Though to the casual observer, it would appear that Germany has been a relative late comer to the craft beer scene, that is only in the sense of finally entering into the realm of following a trend towards styles quite outside the German brewing box. Less than 10 years ago, to imagine breweries in Germany … Continue reading Craft(ing) Beer Since 1556: Maisacher

The ABCs of Franconian Food

Franconia is a wonderful place to eat but it's not for the faint hearted. There is generally lots of meat involved and much like in Medieval times, fatty meat is prized. As with all of Germany, it's heavy on pork dishes and while vegetarian fare has hit the big cities, don't expect much in rural … Continue reading The ABCs of Franconian Food

Craft Beer is Alive & Well sort of in Germany

Craft beer has finally come to Germany. Report on the Braukunst festival in Munich.