Craft Beer in Germany?

Oddly enough craft beer is a new term on the German brewing scene. I find it odd as Germans have generally had a long history of hand crafting beer and though there is more than enough mass production of mediocre beer going on, there are still tons of relatively large breweries producing beers much as … Continue reading Craft Beer in Germany?

You can tuna fish (and a piano) but can you tune a carp?

Now, Uehlfeld might be on the Bierstrasse but it's hardly on any other tourist thoroughfare even if it lies in the middle of the admittedly pretty Aisch Valley. Even the Bierstrasse (literally Beer Street) was of only passing interest to me until I'd read about a pair of breweries in the tiny hamlet of Uehlfeld. … Continue reading You can tuna fish (and a piano) but can you tune a carp?

Getting to Work on the Fünf Seidla Steig®

When it comes to traveling, I've never been big on going back to the same places and I tend to do the same with beery destinations too. The lure of things not experienced is strong for me and going to new breweries is one of the driving forces behind creating Beer Wanderers. That said, going … Continue reading Getting to Work on the Fünf Seidla Steig®

A Ticket to Bock

The expression smiling all the way to the bank suddenly came to me as I could feel a bit of a smirk on my face as the conductor asked for my ticket. It's true, I had had to buy two tickets that day instead of the usual Bavaria ticket that would have been good for … Continue reading A Ticket to Bock

Following the Bocks in Regensburg

Bock beer's popularity is understandable. Sure, you could point to the added strength of the brew, generally packing more punch for your money. Or the richness of its flavor, but really it's probably just in the name, isn't it? I could go on about the lineage of bock, dating back to 14th century Einbeck in … Continue reading Following the Bocks in Regensburg